Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Learning In Progress

View From Driftwood Winery, 9 x 12

I'm just back from a three day workshop with Jill Carver in Wimberley. Jill is super talented, lots of fun and full of valuable information, which I hope will percolate down through my very being over the next few months and be reflected in my work. There was so much to think about, I found myself time and again focusing on something Jill had emphasized, only to ignore other important things that I thought were already second nature. 

Take the field study above, for example. If you zoom in, you can see the canvas isn't even completely covered, because I neglected to complete the block-in at the beginning. The result — lots of annoying little white specks for one thing, and variations in color and value in areas that didn't need it, for another. Because of all that, the eye has to search more than necessary for intended focal point. Annoying, indeed.

Oh, well. Lesson learned. And now I'm going to have a beer.


Kay said...

I actually really like this one..very uncontrolled and free, I find plein air painting fun and frustrating..need to start doing lots..hope the weather gets better because I don't paint in snow and wind! A beer sounds great..have one for me!

SYLVIANE said...

You were lucky to participate in this workshop, I am sure you learned a lot in 3 days, and saved time for the future!

Violetta Smith said...

Very nice, Stephen. It shows that you tried something new ,because it doesn't look like your painting.

Angela Elledge said...

Beer after a mentally challenging plein air excursion is a superb idea, I'll remember to do the same tomorrow afternoon! Your field study is nice and loose.

It is such a juggling act to remember what you've learned from past teachers, try to apply what might have been successful from the last experience, don't repeat what you've already failed at , and keep the new stuff you just learned upfront and I said, beer is good!

I actually had considered taking this exact same workshop, but could not work it out with my school schedule (had to go out of town for a funeral and it took up the rest of my leave time). If I had attended, I would have been able to meet you in person. I would like to hear more about the workshop as I am determined to take one of Jill's workshops.

Back to the beer, I'll make sure to reward myself after tomorrow's plein air attempt, you're a great painter with a great idea.

Stephen Parker said...

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement. I'm sure Jill's workshop will pay dividends, as time practicing what I learned accumulates.

Angela, I wish you had been able to be there. It would have been great to finally meet you.

Take care,