Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bull Creek Trail

Bull Creek Trail, 8 x 10

Saturday morning's PAA paintout was in northwest Austin in a canyon near the source of Bull Creek. Spring has sprung in serious fashion at this spot, a good thing in most every sense. However, the wildly rapid growth of the of every form of plant life in the last couple weeks made for a venue arguably in need of a trim.

It was extremely difficult to simplify values and colors, with so many shades of green and the unwieldy shapes of the new growth. When I left around noon, I was not very satisfied and in need of a nap, feeling I had made little more than a good start after two hours of painting. Said nap seems to have helped, as I was then able to see the bright side, as it were, and finally come away with something I am pretty happy with.

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Kay said...

oh I understand the green conundrum...and a nap does help. I am working on large full sheet watercolors which are all about color..but finding my drawings in graphite are really helping me too. I am considering plein air see if I can get a sense of distance with graphite..hmm now I need a nap!