Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ingram Home

Ingram Home, 12 x 12
Here is the painting shown on the easel in the last post, after tweaking. I wasn't able to get to it, or any other paintings, until today. 

Tomorrow, PAA is painting just below Mansfield dam, which happens to be Texas' tallest. I've been looking forward to painting out there, but it now looks like it will be dicey, since I'll have my Irish Terrier, Major, in tow. He's fine until another dog shows up, but at that point focusing on painting becomes a whole other challenge. Wish me luck.


Violetta Smith said...

Great painting and...good luck!

Kay said...

I love Irish Terriers!! love the way this turned out..especially since we got a bit of its history from the previous post.

Sandra Galda said...

nice work, and I love seeing the actual site inculded in your posts, interesting!