Friday, April 30, 2010

Afternoon Drive

Afternoon Drive, 8 x 10
$250 plus tax. s&h
email to purchase
Above is the first of several paintings I attempted on the Plein Air Austin retreat last weekend. Julie Davis knows the area around Hunt, Texas very well and she cheerfully shepherded the rest of us to some beautiful venues throughout the weekend. This spot is a few hundred feet from the entrance to Camp Waldemar, a beautiful children's summer camp along FM 1340. While I painted this view, Julie, Trish Seigel and Laurel Daniel stood directly behind me, painting a horse stable just across the road. 


Kim said...

Nice! Love that sweep of the road. You've got a good painting group!

Kate said...

I just love this one!!

Kay said...

so great to have these painting events!

Laurel Daniel said...

LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautifully done.