Friday, April 30, 2010

Camp Mystic

Camp Mystic, 8 x 10
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Another piece from the PAA retreat. This one was from Saturday morning at Camp Mystic, a girl's summer camp on HWY 39, which runs alongside the Guadalupe for several miles. 

An interesting note — Camp Mystic's property ends at the spillway indicated here by the abrupt end of the water at its top edge. Just out of frame to the left, about ten feet above the level of the water shown, there was a kayak lodged in the canopy of a tree. Since the tree in question was downstream from the spillway, which itself was at least seven feet tall, the kayak had to have been floating at least seventeen feet above the normal level of the river where the tree stands. Camp Mystic, indeed.

I later found out that several days before our visit, the area upstream had received about ten inches of rain over two days, causing the Guadalupe to flood far beyond its banks. Kayak mystery solved, but an awe inspiring sight, nonetheless.


Kim said...

Fantastic light! I need to channel you when I go out next week. You're really on a roll.

Kay said...

beautiful light

Kaylyn said...

I love the soft focus of this. It is a bit mystical, more like a remembered day from years ago. The things we tend to remember are atmosphere and light and that is what you've captured beautifully.

wfparker said...

That was a productive weekend+ on the banks of the Guadalupe. . . time well spent.