Sunday, March 14, 2010

Work In Progress

I was out of town all weekend and don't have any completed paintings quite ready to post, but I thought I'd let you know what I'm  working on. The pictures below show the first two stages of my latest "large" landscape (24" x 20"), which I started Friday afternoon. It will be the last in a series of three painted from photos of my visit to Colorado last September.

The top picture shows the application of the main color, following the establishment of the main values using a dark neutral, shown in the bottom photo. I hope to post the finished piece tomorrow, after I develop the dogs in the foreground, soften some edges and add final detail. I'll also be posting a plein air painting from our PAA paint-out along the San Marcos River Saturday morning. It's close to complete, but the paint's thin in a couple areas and needs some final touches. Hope you had a great weekend.


William R. Moore said...

You really should consider if what you might add to this could possily make it any better. It stoped me in my tracks. Of course I am only veiwing it in a small foremat (like from a distance, so in real size it may look less complete and not fufill your concept).

Stephen Parker said...

Thanks very much for your comment. God knows I've overworked paintings before, so I understand completely your concern. However, I do believe if you were able to see an enlarged view of the posted picture, you'd agree. Most areas I intend to leave alone, but some elements, the dogs for example, are simply incomplete as yet. I really appreciate your interest. By the way, I would have emailed this response to make sure you see it, but couldn't find an email link on your blogger profile. I hope you see this.

William R. Moore said...

I totally understand. Looking forward to seeing how you finish this painting.