Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finding Lost Creek

Finding Lost Creek, 8 x 6

This morning Laurel's plein air class met at Lost Creek, in southwest Austin. It was sprinkling on and off all morning, though we were able to paint from under a bridge spanning said creek. The title, Finding Lost Creek, refers to the fact that, in contrast to the conditions a year ago, the creek is flowing strongly enough now that it can be found by following the mild roar of rushing water.

As far as painting from underneath this particular bridge, I don't recommend it on a cloudy day. It was virtually impossible to tell the different color temperatures that I had mixed on my pallet, due to lack of light, and the constant looking back and forth from the relatively bright landscape to the dimly lit pallet. Because of this, I ended up doing considerable color adjustment and general tweaking, once I got home.


Sheila said...

Love the title, absolutely adore this little gem. I always study your color palette because you're able to create such depth and definition with a couple of strokes of sometimes surprising colors!

Gwen Bell said...

Love the different angles of brush strokes in this and the palette is gorgeous. Great light too, as always!

Roxanne said...

Wow, Stephen! Your paintings are fabulous! Im so happy for you! Have you been painting daily since Carole Marine's class last June?

julie davis said...

Stephen, this turned out beautifully. I love the pinks in the grasses.