Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He's GOT To Be Freezing

Inner Peace, 6 x 6

(Intro paragraph updated, 2-17) Above is a re-shoot of the study I originally posted on February 9. The previous shot was taken without my normal photography equipment, and ended up darker and more monochromatic because of a problem I was having with glare on the paint strokes. Comparing the two, it's hard to believe both images were taken from the same study. The colors and values are much more accurate in this one.

This plein air study was done this afternoon in my sister's back yard. Though it was cold today, I decided that if a partially clad buddha can sit outside in forty-degree weather all day long without showing any hint of suffering, I could certainly wrap myself up for an hour and get outside and paint a small study. 

Okay, so I didn't complicate my logic with the fact that the buddha in question isn't a real one, but merely a two-foot statue. Thinking too long on such matters can distract one from the goal. Thus, whatever it takes to get to that point, one must act on it. And be with the moment, no matter how cold.


Carol Horzempa said...

This is quite beautiful! I Love the cool blues and greens. It's so refreshing to see green at this time of the year

Celeste Bergin said...

I am glad you posted it even though you aren't happy with the photo. The greens are great! He doesn't seem chilled at all.
A scroll through your paintings here on your blog is a real treat.

Angela Elledge said...

Hey Stephen,
I have not been here in a bit to comment...busy, busy. This range of colors is very soothing and peaceful. I've gone back and read a few of your blog posts regarding your new classwork, my favorite still life of yours was the vertical, peachy, white daisy painting (don't remember the title), very nice.

Yay, for learning new techniques; I paint using the darkest value to lightest block in, not sure why, except I know I am more comfortable blocking in quickly and then moving on. Not sure about the paper towel wipe out technique...I think I would end up with a pile of paper towels and no painting...but, I think I'm going to try it. Thanks for explaining.

Violetta Smith said...

That looks like totally new picture, I love the colors now.