Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Lifeguard On Duty

No Lifeguard On Duty, 6 x 8

I started this painting Tuesday morning outside one of the pools at the Riata apartments. While I liked where it was going, I wasn't ready to post it before spending some time this evening cleaning it up.


wfparker said...

I love it! Looks a lot cooler than 104 degrees, doesn't it? The composition is superb.


Laurel Daniel said...

Great place to be (at the pools... and painting) in this hot weather. I love the cool blues in your shadows.

Anonymous said...

Your landscapes keep getting better and better. Really nice.

Mary said...

What a lovely place to live and paint! I never know what it is that draws me to a certain piece, but I think Laurel nailed it for me-the cool blues!