Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bull Creek Park

Bull Creek Park, 10 x 8

We dodged the rain last Wednesday at Bull Creek Park. The earlier part of the outing was overcast, which gave me fits trying to find the different value masses. Finally the sun came out, so I stuck around in hopes of coming away with something worth taking home. It wasn't until later, of course, that I realized I had wound up with much more than just a painting, no matter how it turned out.


wfparker said...

Stephen, you know I like the paintings and you've done very well on the blog as well. Keep up the good work.

Laurel Daniel said...

I really enjoy that streak of light on the left rock and foreground. It is so indicative of that kind of day!

Genevieve said...

The little patch of sunlit ground in the forefront as well as the little glimpses on some of the foliage...perfect. I think this (and the others on this blog for that matter) would look great on Sundara's walls...just a thought :)