Friday, December 16, 2011

Summers Past No. 2

Summers Past No. 2, 8 x 8

Here is the second painting, this one of Matthew's younger brother, Jeffrey. The style of this painting came out a bit different from the one posted yesterday, for a few reasons. Among Jeffrey's favorite childhood memories were piñata parties given along Cypress Creek in honor of his and other relatives' birthdays. While I didn't have much in the way of compelling reference photography, I did have enough to give me an accurate sense of the setting, where various trees, paths, the creek, etc. were in relation to each other. Considering how well family members know this place and how much time they've spent here over the years, this was important. 

I also had a sharp photo of one of said colorful piñatas in motion, as well as photos of Jeffrey at prime piñata-busting age, though none showed him whacking, or primed to whack, a piñata. Taking these elements into account, yet painting quite a bit from imagination, I ended up emphasizing the bright colors and movement of the piñata and carrying this through to the rest of the composition. The result was a more whimsical piece than the first. I think this is okay, since the paintings will reside in the respective homes of each brother, both of whom are now young adults living on their own.


Kathy Cousart said...

Amazing! You did a beautiful job of creating a scene. I don't think it is too whimsical at all- it is beautifully done.
The light in the background of this one is gorgeous. The pinata against the grayed tree works so well.

wfparker said...

Great job on both these paintings, Stephen.

wfparker said...

Great job on both these paintings, Stephen.

Karen Bruson said...

Great job with these.