Saturday, July 30, 2011

In Progress


I wanted show the block-in stage of this painting. I sometimes like to use a pallet knife for blocking in larger paintings (this panel is 20 x 16) for a couple reasons. It allows me to cover the canvas quickly, focus on the main shapes and to keep from getting overly tight. I'll post the final result in the next day or two.


Denise Rose said...

I love seeing in progress shots and find it very helpful in my own painting. The tip on the palette knife is a good one too. Can't wait to see the next phase!

Linda Popple said...

Great beginning! I like the idea of using a palette knife for the block in. I'm looking forward to seeing the final painting.

Janet Bludau Fine Art said...

I agree, the progress shot is interesting to see. I have to say that often I prefer the progress shot as a final painting!
Question, if using your palette knife first, doesn't it make your paint too thick to rework?

Stephen Parker said...

Thank you all. Janet, that's a great question. The paint is definitely thicker, the resulting texture of which is one of the appealing things about pallet knife painting. Before using this block-in method, I've pretty much committed to not painting "wet into wet" any more than is absolutely necessary. That's one of the ways the method results in a looser feel.

There is also the issue of the paint drying if you leave the painting unfinished. In this case, you're painting in layers and the uneven thickness and texture of the dried paint can interfere with getting new paint to go on cleanly over the dried paint. So, in areas where new paint will overlap dry paint with roughly textured edges, if necessary, I will skim off the high points of the dry edges with a safety razor, before applying new paint with the pallet knife. Any remaining gaps of uncovered canvas that the pallet knife can't get into because of texture issues, I'll use a brush.

martinealison said...

J'ai hâte de voir la suite de votre peinture... je suis toujours très impressionnée par la lumière que vous travaillez à la perfection.
gros bisous

Brenda Bogart said...

I like this just like it is! Looks like a great abstract painting. I just returned from my first plein aire painting trip in Taos and I learned so much. Mostly how hard it is! At the end of the week I sketched compositions on all my remaining canvases and surfaces then when I returned to the studio I was able to complete the paintings. I found this much more effective than painting from a photograph. You should do more of these quick pallet knife sketches. Really nice!