Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opening Reception

Gallery Reception, Davis Gallery

Saturday night was the opening reception for a spring art exhibition featuring the work of Laurel Daniel, Julie Davis and myself. As many of you know, it was actually Laurel's spring exhibition at the gallery of her Austin representative, Bill Davis. Laurel being Laurel, she invited Julie and me, two of her former students and permanently appreciative friends, to show our work alongside hers from now through May 7th. If you have the chance, we hope you'll drop by the Davis Gallery, located on 12th Street, a block east of Lamar Boulevard, to see the work on display. 

The photos above were taken a few minutes before the doors opened. I hope to have more to post soon of the large and enthusiastic crowd that attended. We each had our core group of supporters, but there is no doubt we all benefited greatly from Laurel's long coattails, and each of us made several sales. Thanks again to Laurel, and to Bill Davis, for a terrific evening.


Dana Cooper said...

You are in good company, as are they...congratulations Shephen, I will look forward to more photos!

Marilyn said...

wow - talk about a standing room only opening! Another visit to the gallery is a must to take in all of your wonderful paintings. Congratulations to you, Laurel and Julie.

Denise Rose said...

So exciting! I so wish I could've been there. Yall are some of my favorite painters out there! Congrats to you all!

carol morgan carmichael said...

Congratulations Stephen! Sounds like it was a wonderful night.

Marla said...

Oh I wish I could be there! Would love to see your artwork in real life.

Great photos; are you standing on a box Stephen? ;)

Trevor Lingard said...

Good luck with the exhib.
Best Regards