Saturday, August 28, 2010


Azumaya, 8x10

Ahh, the wonders of the Internet. With a few keystrokes, I've identified the structure depicted above. Anything I spend three hours scrutinizing and painting (and scrutinizing and painting), I figure I should know the name of. So, this structure — this open-air Japanese shelter, commonly comprised of a roof supported by beams and four vertical posts — is called an azumaya.

In any case, our paintout was wonderful. We overran the normally peaceful confines of the Austin Botanical Garden early Thursday morning under conditions that were almost perfect — slight overcast, breezes that were actually cool, and no rain.

That's right, no rain — making it, of course, unnecessary to seek shelter in the nearby azumaya.


Kim said...

Wonderfully painted.

Martha Cowan said...

Love your bold brush strokes in high value contrasts!

Kelley Sanford said...

Love seeing your work. Your paintings are so wonderfully composed and painterly at the same time.

Celeste Bergin said...

--! It's a beautiful place. I like the "sky color" on the roof

LindaHunt said...

So well done....beautifully composed and there is always a great serenity to in your paintings.

Laurel Daniel said...

Beautiful Stephen! The warm, reflected light under the roof is spectacular next to the cool reflected topside... delish!