Sunday, June 6, 2010

Front Gate

 Front Gate, 22 x 28

Here is a large studio version of a plein air study I painted last summer at Laguna Gloria. The original 6 x 8 study is posted below.



Kim said...

Both are wonderful Stephen. I like seeing the decisions you made for the final piece: greenery on top, the palm, awning...always interesting to see the thought process. Great!

Trish Siegel said...

Beautifully done! This is one of my favorite buildings in Austin. I love how the sunlight bounces off those stucco walls. You have really captured that here. Even though the lower piece is a study, and a nice one at that, the two together also shows just how much you have grown as a painter in the last year. Very nice work, Stephen!

LindaHunt said...

Both paintings are wonderful. I especially like the tree foliage that arches over the top of the painting blending into the foliage on the right hand side in the top painting. I like the immediacy and energy in the study.