Wednesday, January 27, 2010

School Work

Still Life for Class, 16 x 16

Here is a still life begun last Wednesday in Laurel's alla prima still life class. We started out blocking in values, using a dark neutral in various densities of paint, coverage, etc. Being a bit rusty, all my blocked in values seemed to come out the same — black.  Since we were to complete the piece for the next class and I couldn't reconstruct the still life at home, I continued on to full color, even though the correct value relationships hadn't yet been established. I struggled quite a bit with the values throughout the execution of this piece. Looking at this piece now, I think it is apparent that I never completely solved these issues, especially in the pitcher.

In any case, this turned out to be a valuable lesson, despite the less than optimal start, and maybe more so because of it.


Liz Zornes said...

I think you did a great job with this, Stephen. The colors and very inviting and the values look perfectly fine to me. I wish I'd gotten into Laurel's class!

Cannery Painters said...

I'm glad this was a good lesson for you Steven, there is no indication that you struggled at all! It's a lovely piece and I particularly like the form of the teapot!

Laurel Daniel said...

Love it. Stephen!!! The tomatoes are so juicy and the composition is great.

Carol Horzempa said...

I think your tomatoes look deliciously beautiful! Great composition and colors too.

Thanks you for your very nice comments on my blog, they are "both" appreciated. ; )