Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Morning With Rocks

A Morning With Rocks, 9 x 12

Mount Bonnell was the site of our final plein air class this morning. With the temperature in the fifties when we started and a cloudless sky, it was a venue with innumerable interesting choices of subject. So, of course I chose. . . rocks.

In defense of my imagination, I truly did, and do, find the high contrast of the rocks sitting in the early morning light quite exciting to paint, or even just look at. I also felt that the high point of view across the lake toward West Lake Hills rendered them even more exciting.

So, I admit it. Rocks excite me.


Sheila said...

I guess you take a tranquilizer when you visit quarries then? All kidding aside, I can see why they excite you when you are able to render a beautiful image like this!

julie davis said...

Stpehen--you did a beautiful job on this. I wish my rocks had turned out as lovely!