Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dog Heaven 2

Dog Heaven 2, 8 x 8

This is my Irish Terrier, Major Eamon. I recently brought him on the trip I took to Colorado with my college buddy, Bruce Powers and his dog, Gracy. We were there almost a week, nearly all of which the dogs were free of both leashes and fences. With the freedom to chase chipmunks, the scenery, and getting to split nearly half a t-bone steak with Gracy the night before we returned, life was about as good as it gets for a canine.

This is a one-hour study I did today for my daughter Natalie, who asked me to paint her favorite pooch when she saw the photo I later referenced it from.


Angela Elledge said...

This is beautiful on so many different levels. So, before I read about your dog, I have to admit I thought this was a lioness and then when I read Irish Terrier, it made perfect sense because I've always thought their profiles remind me of lions. Love that nice dark shadow behind him and the bright blue, cerulean?, at the bottom of the canvas...a very nice use of what looks like pure color, but what do I know?

Stephen Parker said...

Thanks so much, Angela. As far as the blue, it was an acrylic ground mixed with pthalo blue, naples yellow and white. I was experimenting with the use of different grounds in landscapes and already had this grounded board sitting around. When I decided to do the picture, I thought it could help push the feeling of mountain flora.

julie davis said...

Like this quite a bit, Stephen...your dog is beautiful, and you've captured that dreamy, far off look a content dog has when it's lying in the sun outside. :)